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Fabrizio Pesci

Painting by Fabrizio Pesci


Sculpture by MABE

FABRIZIO PESCI and MABE / Painting & Sculpture
till November 21st, 2008


The female body seen from the cult of Mother Earth is the inspiration behind my work. With its origins lost in the mists of time, I have garnered it by visiting Irish, Breton and Maltese archeological sites, discerning a corporeal spirituality that links the human being and the divinity as an artistic expression to communicate messages of life, beauty, fertility and nutrition, as well as enigmas yet to be grasped.

Fabrizio Pesci

My major travelling exhibition began at the International Biennial in Malta, passed through a number of Italian cities including Rome, Milan and Verona, to be followed by Barcelona, Paris, and Berlin, and then continued towards the Americas in Mexico City and also other venues still being arranged. As well as being featured in various magazines including TEMACELESTE, DROME, and ARTECULTURA, in 2007, an article came out about my artistic research in the Canadian magazine of art and cinema, DARIA, from Toronto.

Sculptures by MABEsculptures by MABE

Sculptures by MABE