Henry Deparade Exhibition Henry Deparade Exhibition Henry Deparade Exhibition Henry Deparade Exhibition Henry Deparade Exhibition Henry Deparade Exhibition

Henry Deparade - Paintings

Zu Orestie- 25, 2007
Oil a. Ink on canvas 190 x 170

Henry Deparade - Paintings

Klytaimestra and Agamemnon, 2008
Oil a. Ink on canvas 185 x 230cm

Henry Deparade - Paintings

Konfrontation III, 2008
Oil a. Ink on canvas 185 x 230cm

Henry Deparade - Paintings

Kopfstudie II, 2006
Oil a. Ink on canvas 44 x 35cm

till August 30th, 2008

Prof. Dr. Rainer Beck, full Professor for history of art at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden talking about Prof. Henri Deparade (in extracts)

"His compositions of colour are decentralised areas; not bordered but open in all directions. There are sections of the broader and higher whole, which not only permeates by harmonic moves the human form, but pulls it together. The bodies are slightly dematerialized, almost floating. Foreground and background merge creating distinguished layers of space. This time we are still able to observe the parallels between space and man. Men appearing in Deparade's typical manner as a group of two or more are shown not only as distinguished different social beings interacting but also as unique beings. A lot of his figures are depicted with two or three faces. They are presented as different or at least distinguished beings, quasi of multiple psychic layers of space; each state of being connected with its own layer of space."

Neither depictions of space nor figure are of closely defined content; their character is one of general basic constellations. Not directed movement but movement in general, aggression as human phenomenon not made comprehensible by context, not the sexuality of a certain character but in abstract graphical quality symbolized by the tongue etc.

Henri Deparade states explicitly in an interview with Ingrid Koch in 2005:

"By disintegrating the narrative structure for the sake of associative freedom it is possible to truly take the recipient into consideration. Axes of time and space are being relativized. Expression and realization by painting is getting expanded. By this the focus shifts from sense of reality to sense of possibility."

That is: only by the associations of the observer the general content gains concreteness. Art becomes the catalytic converter of individual interpretation. The titles - often borrowed from Greek mythology - are not contradicting this. The events there are translated into every day situations-...into the general question: Are we exposed to fate and conflict with no way out like in Greek drama? Exposed to complete, inescapable determination? Or is the something like responsibility and choice? At least free will to some extends?

Deparade's paintings mirror this topic: on one hand the inner rules of artistic means, the artist is bound to whether or not he wants so, rules he found set. On the other hand painting in an automatic-psychic way; unfolding layers of one's subconscious and connecting them by artistic freedom with the other side; creating a balanced synthesis.

What was shown is the existence of common elements on both sides; the two sides of one medal. The art of Henri Deparade should be seen as an offer for reconciliation to this general question of human existence. That is the sense harmony of images in motion."

Rainer Beck, 25.04.2008

Short Biography - Henri Deparade

1972 - 77 Studies of painting and graphics at the Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle "Burg Giebichenstein"

since 1977 Studio for painting and graphic at Halle, exhibitions since this time; member of the association of artists (VBK), part time member of the scientific committees of the VBK

1977 - 78 Assistant of Prof. H.H. Wagner for studies of painting at HfDK Halle

1980 - 82 Aspirant at the HfKD Halle for painting and graphics

1983 - 85 Master student of Willi Sitte

1984 Price for painting at the "Junge Kunst" show at Altes Museum Berlin

1988 Application for permanent departure from the GDR

1989 - 91 Hometown is Oberhausen / Vayhingen at the Enz

1991 / 92 Assistent professor at the Hochschule für Kunst und Design at Halle "Burg Giebichenstein" for basic teachings

since 1992 Professor for drawing and basics of elementary design at the HTW Dresden

since 1995 Studio for painting and graphic at Dresden

Since then about 80 involvements in exhibitions and about 50 single exhibitions at Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the USA, 8 participations at international art fairs

Works are at public and private collection at Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Italy and Belgium.

Realisation of different art assignments, e.g. in 2004 for the International Monetary Fond at Washington "Portrait Prof. Dr. Horst Köhler".

Art Fairs:

Palm Beach, Florida/ Art Moscow with the Gallery Leonard Ruethmueller Contemporary Art Basel, Art Karlsruhe, with the Gallery Tanner, Stuttgart