past exhibition: 3 TIMES CAUCASUSIn the past exhibition 3 TIMES CAUCASUS: PORTRAITS by Diana Voubapast exhibition: 3 TIMES CAUCASUSpast exhibition: 3 TIMES CAUCASUSpast exhibition: 3 TIMES CAUCASUSpast exhibition: 3 TIMES CAUCASUSpast exhibition: 3 TIMES CAUCASUSart place berlin - forum for contemporary art and intercultural exhibition projects

Agdur Dzidzaria

Agdur Dzidzaria, LEXIKON III, Mischtechnik, 12,8 x 20,5cm, 1999

Mirian Japaridze

Mirian Japaridze, DEN TOD ABWEHREN, Oil on Canvas, 160x130cm

Liana Nakashidze

Liana Nakashidze, SCHWANGERE, Oil on Canvas, 150x110cm, 2011

Igor Oleinikov

Igor Oleinikov, REZIPIENT, 245 x 195cm, Oil, Bleistift on Canvas, 2011
Courtesy Gallery Döbele, Dresden

Wladimir Schengelaja

Wladimir Schengelaja, KUROS, Mixed Media on Paper, 140x120cm

Diana Vouba

Diana Vouba, TETRIS, Oil on Canvas, 4x 100 x 100cm, 2009

"3 Times Caucasus"

Exhibition: June 30th - August 21st, 2011

An showcase by artists from Russia, Georgia and Abkhazia

Curator: Friederike Sehmsdorf

Once again the language of art is building a bridge between peoples.

The exhibition is an initiative of: "Society for reconciliation and understanding in the Caucasus" ("Gesellschaft fuer Ausgleich und Verstaendigung im Kaukasus e. V." / GAViK, Berlin).

The Caucasus as a melting pot of many cultures is one of the oldest cultural regions of the world. It is home to various ethnic groups. The artistic landscape of this region is just as varied and multilayered as the countryside of the Caucasus.

The exhibition brings together artists with different backgrounds and persuasions. It shows both, local works as well as works which deal with the international modernity.

Speakers at the opening:

Lothar de Maizière
Former Prime Minister
Chairman of the Petersburger Dialog e.V.

Dr. Gabriele Saure
Art Historian - ARTE GLOBAL


Adgur Dzidzaria / Abkhazia

Diana Vouba / Abkhazia

Wladimir Schengelaja / Abkhazia

Igor Oleinikov / Russia

Liana Nakashidze / Georgia

Mirian Japaridze / Georgia

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