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Heidi Rufeh Encaustic

Heidi Rufeh Encaustic

Heidi Rufeh Encaustic

HEIDI RUFEH - Encaustic
till June 25th, 2008

Heidi Rufeh was born and spent her childhood in Berlin. In the 1960s when the Berlin Wall was built, she left for the USA where she studied at "Harvard University" in Cambridge, Mass., at "Massachusetts College of Art", at "Art Institute of Boston" and at the "De Cordova Museum School". During this stage she met her husband who came from Iran and decided to live in the USA.

Heidi Rufeh's abstract oils and mono prints were presented in different galleries in Massachusetts, New York City (N.Y.), Denver (Colorado) and in New Hampshire. The theme of her work was nature and human relations. Some works give a graphic interpretation of Persian poems her husband had affectionately collected.

In 1994 they moved over to San Diego on the west coast of the USA. California's sun, sea and expressive vivid colours influenced her work at once. She painted with acrylic to give spontaneity a quick space and at the same time she began to deal with the medium encaustic, which by nature is less spontaneous.

Encaustic is an old painting method, which was developed by the Egyptians and Greeks, approximately 2000 B.C. The name encaustic comes from the Greek language and means,?"to burn or to melt something".

Today one uses a heat gun for this process. A layer of melted, bleached and rendered beeswax is applied on a porous plane - like wood - and burned in with the heat gun. This is subsequently followed by a mixed layer of beeswax and hard resin that is burned in also. The colours are dispersions of dry pigments and the medium. First the desired colour is melted on a heated metallic board, then applied with a brush onto the primed wooden plane and finally burned in.

Through the mixing of beeswax with hard resin one makes sure that the melting process takes place at high temperatures. This process is not a simple one, because a concept can be destroyed within a few minutes by the heat gun. The light is reflected by the different wax layers and the colours get an interior brilliancy. One can create very interesting structures with this medium. It is suitable particularly for collages.

The medium itself has stood the test of time for over 4000 years. Today one can still admire the mummy portraits painted with wax in late antiquity. Jasper Johns brought this process of painting back to life in the 1950s. The technique has improved considerably in the course of time by technical progression. In the art scene interest in encaustic is increasing more and more.


The Art Institute of Boston, MA
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
De Cordova Museum School. Lincoln, MA


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Columbine Gallery, Aurora, Colorado Gallery on the Green Ltd., Lexington, MA
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Lesley College, Cambridge, MA
Littleton Gallery, Littleton, MA
Onset Bay Gallery, Cape Cod, MA


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