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Wilson McCord - from Manhatten, NY

West Wind, 2006, 172,7 x 200,7cm
Acrylic and silver gelatin print on canvas

Wilson McCord - from Manhatten, NY

Northern Gaze, 2003

till May 14th, 2008

Wilson McCord, Manhattan, NY

Artist Statement

Creating art work is a very personal endeavor. All of my work in some way documents my life. It describes events and I use objects or figurative elements to convey feelings that somehow relate to the memoires produced during specific times in my life. No one person?s life is lived without the intervention of our world, our cultures, social surroundings or events. The works encompasses these elements as they play a part in my life. Grounded in Amarican culture my works? greatest influence comes from the work of Joseph Beuys and Louise Borgeois. Contemporary Italian painters like Clemente, Palladino and Cucchi have also had great influence on my freedom of expression. My work conveys my belief that the release of pain can be portrayed as beautiful as the adoration of beauty itself. I continue creating these works with the hope that my work somehow, gives something to those who wish to share this moment.

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