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Charlotte Kollmorgen - Paintings

Charlotte Kollmorgen - Paintings

till June 1st, 2008

Born 1939 in Dresden, she moved to West-Berlin in 1950 and studied graphic design at "Hochschule der Künste Berlin" (fine art school Berlin). In the seventies Kollmorgen worked as graphic designer and was engaged in painting.

She is regularly exhibiting at "Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung" (FBK).
The two cycles of paintings "Leben 1" and "Leben 2" are generated.

Her first solo-exhibitions in Berlin follow early in the eighties. Charlotte Kollmorgen does study tripy to other european countries, the USA and Canada. She shows her paintings in Livermore (California, USA), at Goethe-Institute in Toronto (Canada) and at Thomas-Mann-Library in Luxembourg. A special highlight is the exhibition at "Bâtiment Schuman" in the European Parliament in 1984.

Charlotte Kollmorgen combines her painting with psychology and medical science. In conjugation with an exhibition at a rehab clinic in Berlin she develops "Collagen-Therapie" in 1981; that is a therapy utilizing art and creativity.

She presents the therapy abroad and is invited to a hospital for leukemia in Springhill (Great Britain) in 1983.

From 1983 to 1985 she studies art and therapy at HdK. In 1989 one of her books concerning this topic is published. From that point Charlotte Kollmorgen is active in art and art-therapy and as assistant lecturer.

She transfers and advances her model to other branches (e.g. creative management with collages).
Invitations to the World Congress of MedArt International New York (1992) and 12th World Congress in Cardiology Berlin(1993) follow.

In 1996 she is awarded the "Bundesverdienstmedaille" by Federal President Prof. Dr. Roman Herzog.

In 1993 she returns to Dresden for an exhibition at "Kreuzkirche"

By mid-nineties she turns increasingly to painting. New study trips get her to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and India.

You can sense through Charlotte Kollmorgens paintings her fascination of oil paints. Her works radiate dynamic and passion for colors.

In this context the words of sculptor Waldemar Grzimek (1918-1984):

"Charlotte Kollmorgen has understood the concept of primary forms... she knows, that a dynamic organizing principle together moves and arranges germinating or blooming mass. Her working is almost like sculpturing in the plane; logic and affectionate" (Berlin 1980).