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Vezhdi Rashidov - Sculpture    Vezhdi Rashidov - Sculpture

Vezhdi Rashidov - Sculpture

Georgi Lechev - Painting

till April 8th, 2007

Vezhdi Rashidov / Sculpture

Vezhdi Rashidov was born at Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria, at 1951. After he finished the University of Arts at Sofia he became master student at the class of professor Daskalov at the Academy of Arts at Sofia till 1978.

Vezhdi Rashidov exhibits worldwide and is present on international art fairs since 1981. In 1984 he took part at the Art Basel, in 1989 he had a big show at the UNESCO and since 1993 he regularly exhibits at the Gallery Jean-Paul Villen, Paris. The same year he became part of the European Academy of Arts. Rashidov had several further international exhibitions, for example at Turkey, at South Korea and Japan. He was honoured with several international prices and medals. December 2006 he got his own Star of Fame at the Bulgarian Walk of Fame. His works are displayed at the Museum Ludwig, Cologne, and the Pushkin Museum, Moscow.

Vezhdi Rashidov creats figures with expressionistic deformations. His art is made out of an inquiring view, his somewhat satiric debate with his surrounding, and the love for traditional mythological symbols.

One can see legs of animals, but the body will turn into an individual once you look at it. His sculptures tell us about the deformation of individuals which stop being human.

Vezhdi Rashidove is named among the greatest of the Bulgarian art scene; he lives and works at Berlin.

Georgi Lechev / Painting

The artist Georgi Lechev was born in 1949 at Varna, Bulgaria, located at the Black Sea. After his studies at the Veiliko Turnovo, he became one of the most important renovators of Bulgarian art at the seventies.

Lechev became internationally famous in 1980 with his exhibitions at Switzerland (Galley "Au Virage", Seprais) and Czechoslovakia (Art Gallery, Karlovi Vari). What followed were several further international exhibitions, for example at the Netherlands, at Germany, Sweden, France, Japan, the USA and other countries.

Georgi Lechev has won several prices, amongst others the Medal from the International Graphic Triennale, Cairo, Egypt.

In 1997 Georgi Lechev exhibited at the Broadway in New York. The famous "Monserat Gallery" made him the symbol of Bulgarian art at America.

The vivid landscapes and modern compositions created by Lechev play with natural colours. Despise the different concepts of the landscapes on the one hand and the pictures dominated by abstract forms on the other hand, both ways of painting are one and they both tell us of the same handwriting. All works of the artist are dominated by the debate with history.

Lechevs works can be found at the National Library of Bulgaria at Sofia, at the Bibliothèque Nationale at Paris, at the Congress Library at Washington, at the Albertina Galerie at Vienna, and several other important museums, galleries and significant private collections.