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Juliane Hundertmark - Painting

"OPFER" by Juliane Hundertmark

Juliane Hundertmark - Painting

"THE SHIRT" by Juliane Hundertmark

Juliane Hundertmark - Painting

"VERLETZE" by Juliane Hundertmark

till March 1st, 2007

Born in 1971 in Mainz, attended after gaining the vocational baccalaureat diploma in figuration (Bayreuth) the Johann-Friedrich Böttger institute in Selb (1994 to 1998) and finished her academic education as free painter, graphic designer and public certified designer. More studies followed (1998 to 2002) at the art academy Nürnberg. Her work has already been shown nationwide in single exhibitions. Since 2003 she is working as an artist in Berlin.

"In my work, I am dealing with the violation of individuals, open wounds, but also with heeling. Carrying the inside out: That's my concern in paintings like the head-pictures, which aren't portraits, but pictures of the soul."

Text to the painting: THE SHIRT

Baneful and morbid forms are spread in the pictorial space. Their origin is the major head.

From the major head as origin of events little beings work on threads to make connections. Ties made of threads evolve into traps. The wire is the pain of the creature, he perforates the skin. Violations are made.

The shirt a symbol of nakedness, unprotectedness, divestiture. The threads as connection, holy contact but at the same time the danger of constriction, captivation.

The wire as instrument of violence towards the individual.
The question about the origin of events is to be found in the big head, the central point.

The endeavour about the punished being, at the same time identification with the naked and lonely state of being.
Naked and uncovered the figure awakes the need to devotion.

"I am caring for you, but perhaps I will hurt you."

Cruelty and tenderness lie closely together.

The desire for violation

The necessity

The power over the creature.

Juliane Hundertmark - Painting      Juliane Hundertmark - Painting