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Johannes Janusz Dittloff - Graphics and Photography

Selected works from three decades of artistic creation in Germany

until February 28th, 2016, daily 9 - 21h, entrance free!

J. J. Dittloff at art place berlin - from the cycle Analogies to Reality
From the cycle Analogies to Reality - 'Philosophy of Life / The Scarabs' (left), - 'War of the Crabs'(right)

"Things that lurk unseen beneath the surface appeal to Dittloff. He wants to convey moods, instead of trying to be recognizable. He wants to take the viewer on a journey through his subjective imagery.
Dittloff manages to create expressive, inspiring, and often secretive pictures that shape new relationships and provoke uncustomary interpretations.
In this sense, he can be best described as modern impressionist, who has developed over the many years in which he has worked as a visual artist his very own visual language." - Prof. Bernhard Schwichtenberg

J. J. Dittloff at art place berlin -  Impression 1 and 2 from the cycle The Nature
From the cycle 'The Nature' - Impression 1 (left), - Impression 2 (right)

J. J. Dittloff at art place berlin - #1 from the cycle Polish Impressions and The Girls - This is not Lebanon
#1 - from the cycle Polish Impressions (left), The Girls - This is not Lebanon (right)

"Johannes J. Dittloff does not conceive his work as a realistic representation or even illustration of real things. Just as little he intends to pictorially formulate visions or even solutions. Dittloff understands his work as pictographic interpretations or visual equivalent of our present existence." - Dr. Thorsten Rodiek / Museum Director, Kunsthalle St. Annen, L├╝beck

Johannes Janusz Dittloff, born 1951 in Poland, 1976 graduated from the Art Academy Krakow (M.A., Gold medal - NIKE), 1977 - 85 work in the field of art and art teaching, since 1985 living and working in Germany, member of BBK since 1986, numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad, works in public and private ownership

"My feelings shall be converted into an aesthetic experience and perfected with other media. In my work-cycles, I try each time "to individually visually coin" what moves me. This means - I always reinvent myself. Time is too precious to repeat oneself." - Joh. J. Dittloff

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