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Photography by Sergen Sehitoglu


Photography by Sergen Sehitoglu


Photography by Sergen Sehitoglu


March 16th - May 1st, 2011

With the these exhibition "art place berlin" is building a bridge from Istanbul to Berlin; two European metropolises which are connected in a special way, not only because they are partner cities. In his exhibition "2 - NEW UNDERGROUND" photographer Sergen Sehitoglu is presenting his latest works. He represents the young and dynamic art scene from the Bosporus. With his artistic concept he allows the viewer an unusual look, which leaves room for emotions, interpretation and perception of an inner meaning.

Sergen Sehitoglu was born in Istanbul in 1980. After graduating from Saint Joseph High School he studied mechanical engineering at the Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul. He made his first photographies with a Zenit 35mm film camera. In 2006 he started taking photography classes at the IFSAK, which had a great influence on his attitude towards photography. Soon his first exhibitions followed i.a. with Ilkan Özdag. He worked with Orhan Cem Cetin on an installation called "su'ya dair" ('About Water'). To enhance his technical skills he trained with various photographers. He now works as a professional archi-tectural photographer while he is completing his Masters Degree in Photography at Marmara University. Last year his works were chosen for the renowned "Silvershotz Folio 2010 selected artists".

"The photographs in Sergen's folio represents conflicting ideas; they are related to each other but independent at the same time, free from each other but complementing, hiding the inner meaning but allowing the viewer to feel it. They use colour, rhythm and graphic concepts. The images represent starkness, cold comfort for people and loneliness, but they are formed in such a way that they allow space for the viewer.
Sergen created these photographs with a profound sense of emotion and his aim was to show the viewer a stark reality, showing everyone a truth; even though each person may interpret the scenes differently." - Silvershotz Folio 2010 -

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