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I. J. Prokop

I. J. Prokop

I.J. PROKOP "Evolution of the Nature"
February 2nd - March 20th, 2009

Igor Jenö Prokop - Statement

"I love the sea, the grass, the tree, the animals, the animate and inanimate world. The material. Am I perhaps a narrow-minded materialist? No, the spirit is immaterial but the material is the worldly manifestation of the spirit. When I worked as a dental technician, I had to cast metal and mould wax, plaster and porcelain. I was not captivated with this narrow range of people. I studied Biology and drawing and also taught them, I was wandering around in the world, loved the colourful, transparent world of the Cuban seas, the whirling movement of the barracudas, the endless and timeless space of the Mongolian deserts, the chaotic and artistic magic of Indonesia, enjoyed skiing among the peaks of the Elbrus considered even by Reinhold Meissner one of the most amazing natural slopes. I savoured exploring Vanatau, Tonga, Tahiti and Bora Bora and the friendly people there, their songs, sorrows, faith, their endless respect for their beloved islands and enjoyed their unrestricted appetite for beauty, erotica, exuberance and abundance. I was diving in seas and oceans where lemon, steel-blue and red fish were flashing and gleaming with intensive colours never seen before in the tropical sunshine together with corals and plants. The impenetrable rain forests have presented all the variations of green. And the island of real peace: New Zealand. I love it. Although my homesickness drives me home to Hungary, being here I do not know where my real home is and I long to return there. I have travelled around the world and know: it is small, blue and fragile! This is what I see from the height of 11.000 metres. But through my microscope I can sense the cavalcade of similar momentary magic as well. I am an earthling like so many, seemingly animate and inanimate creatures of God abounding with colours and shapes. As time passes by I have experienced during my trips that all this is perishing. I do not want my children, my students, the explorers of the future not to be able to see this magic. I am presenting some fragments from the endless world and giving them to the spectators with love." These are Igor Jenö Prokop's words about himself, his philosophy and his understanding of the world.


Igor Jenö Prokop was born in Budapest in 1953. From 1974 to 1978 he studied Biology and Fine Arts at the College of Education in Eger. From 1980 to 1983 he studied Biology at the University Jozsef Attila in Szeged, in 1984 Philosophy in Budapest, in 1987 Aesthetics of Film and from 1991 to 1993 Design at the University for Applied Arts. He studied and worked in New York, Heidelberg, Auckland and many other places around the world. Apart from painting and drawing, he has been engaging himself in working with glass for 20 years. The artist walks on the paths of lead crystal and Tiffany art. The fusing glas is the result of modern technologies. It is characterised by a special working process in the course of which the single elements, cut out of coloured glasses with a diamond cutter, are melted together in a mosaic-like, horizontal or vertical way. The hereby created pictures are the outcomes of Prokops artistic implementation of field observations during his various journeys.

Some words about my pictures.

In a special electronic brass and fiberglass panel has some holes. And all holes has a special fusing glass technic glass details. The surface of the BrassGlass Panel has a mixed technic painting and drawing. In the backside it has a selflights for the transparention. The patterns come from the Nature. That series title:"Evolution of the Nature".
All of my new series pictures I should like the Nature's proces from the "Creation" to the present days as like as the "Global Warm"'s days. The name of my new technic: BGPP, it's mean: BrassGlassPanelPainting. I think, it's absolute new way of art yet.