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April 2nd - September 17th, 2009

Berlershaut and his philosophy of the "Art before Art"
"To open up the mental narrowness is the beginning and the emergence of art in general, says Berlershaut and starts one of his intellectual flights, which transforms the art venture into the adventure Utopia: The artist as transformer and transporter of mental, not really tangible and visible materials, becomes through their materialisation, through the production of art works, part and content of these objects, and therefore these objects gain individual life."

Berlershaut is talking much about the capacity of his art and the artist, few about his own life and his artistic career. His thoughts about art and artist, and most of all his work in mixed technique shown here at the Art Center should speak for themselves. The missing biography corresponds with Berlershauts idea of the energetic interaction between artwork and artist: the art is visible in the creating person and through the person's energetic fields, without the necessity of being present. The artist as well is visible through his objects of art, because the artist is living in the art objects, without the necessity of being present. Berlershaut is going even further: art objects, hundreds of years old, can create a vital relationship between the viewer and the artist of the past. A mentally open artist of today's world can reflect those energies of this artistic past and, by absorbing these energies, can take influence of the art of today.

The concept of art includes for Berlershaut not just time, but as well space: the art, which exists in other planetary systems, is 44 light years (or 418 Billion kilometres) away from the art of the earth, including the art not existing yet. The art on earth should be connected and related to objects of far away planets, objects, which are regarding colour, material, form, and energetic vibrations like life itself. Berlershaut feels as artist the ability to overcome this distances like 418 Billion kilometres: The basic mental requirement to open up the infinite is part of an inner mental conflict and a passionate commitment to the explored object.

The artist as a cosmic agent between time and space, the past and the future, finite and infinite, planet earth and other galaxies. The artist as a philosopher, praising a new kind of art and by absorbing and saving far away energies for developing new artworks becoming to energy himself. He has to leave the rational and logical path of thinking and break through the limited perception of space and time. Berlershaut speaks in this way for a new art, with many implementations, even before getting institutionalised as "Art" ages ago. This "Art before Art" is the real art for him.

Particles, emerged in the last years, are now exhibited at the Art Center: spiral and twisted objects moving through the big and colourful canvases, seemingly without a goal. The happy primary colours with their signalling effects are dominant in his paintings. Berlershaut thinks of art as a common good: just by looking at it, the energy of an artwork flows into the possession of the viewer, independent of the owner - like the melodies, which move from generation to generation. Airport safety check - capital international is written on one of his paintings. Art as international capital - safety check demanded.