Romantic Stories - painting by Jinaun Kim (SINN) Romantic Stories - painting by Jinaun Kim (SINN) art place berlin


SINN "City of Angel 2010-1 (100cm x70cm)


SINN "Finding Forest" 100 x 200cm)


SINN "Finding Forest-2" (140 x 200cm)

"Romantic Stories"
Fascinating paintings by SINN

July 17th, - November 22nd, 2010

*1975 Seoul (South Korea), studies at the Honk-Ik University Seoul, awarded several times, since 2000 in Berlin, studies at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), in 2004 she became master student of Professor Wolfgang Petrick at the UdK, numerous exhibitions particularly in Germany, the USA and South Korea


"SINN (Jinaun Kim) connects Asian and Western pictorial tradition. The transparency of ink, the light reflections of the aluminium base and the score marks result in a floating spatiality as well as an undefined - mysterious depth. The lucent graphisms condense into polyphonic figures, who appeal to the viewer on multiple levels with regard to contents, stylistic and aesthetical. A bright bouquet of findings and citations is presented, in many cases invigorated by new invented figures, who whisper romantic fairy tales."

- Gerhard Charles Rump, cited in extracts -

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