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Gallery R. Vostell: WOLF VOSTELL - FLUXUS

Gallery R. Vostell: WOLF VOSTELL - FLUXUS

Gallery Vostell: WOLF VOSTELL - Fluxus
till November 5th, 2005

Wolf Vostell - this name is intimately connected with the new ways art went in the sixties, with Environment, Happening and Fluxus, Dé-coll/agen and Installations with TVs, Avantgarde and Scandal. His topic is our present time, our reality. Accordingly his work is an examination with the themes dominating our reality - cars, TV, political reconstructions, chaos, and destruction.

Worldwide Wolf Vostell (1932 - 1998) attracted attention with spectacular actions and installations, Fluxus concerts, and Environments. In 1958 he made in Paris the first happening in Europe shortly after he finished his study of art - objects with TV tools and car fragments. There were many more happenings following this first one, like a concert with three jets in 1964 at the airport of Ulm, or in 1966 the happening "Dogs and Chinese not allowed" in the New Yorker subway. Wolf Vostell saw himself as contemporary witness and observer, keeping brisk contact to other lateral thinkers, like Joseph Beuys and Marcel Duchamp, to name two of the most known ones. The art form, which developed Vostell by himself, is the "Dé-coll/age".

His son Rafael Vostell, who leeds a gallery in Berlin since 1993, opens on September 9th, 2005 his new rooms at the ART CENTER BERLIN with an exhibition, which is dedicated to his father Wolf Vostell. Invitation to the opening of the new gallery rooms with the exhibition WOLF VOSTELL - FLUXUS. Installations, objects, paintings, drawings, and videos.